Tech Select Advisory Service

This retainer service is designed for information and knowledge management professionals and IT strategists working on immersive technology projects in mid-sized and large organizations. ThinkBalm analysts deliver:

Part I — Three-hour advisory session to discuss:

  • Client goals and objectives
  • Project history
  • Use case opportunities
  • Existing IT infrastructure, standards, and vendor relationships
  • Budget and people issues
  • Technology requirements

Part II — Research and analysis period

ThinkBalm analysts collate and analyze results of Part I, conduct any necessary vendor briefings, and develop recommendations and presentation materials for Part III.

Part III — Three-hour advisory session

  • SWOT analysis of the best-fit vendors
  • Recommended selection criteria and discussion about how the best-fit enterprise immersive platforms meet these criteria
  • ThinkBalm’s concluding recommendations

Plus: unlimited quick-response brainstorming service

All ThinkBalm retainer clients receive the ThinkBalm quick-response brainstorming service for the life of the contract. They are entitled to unlimited short-notice, 30-minute interactions with Erica and Sam Driver to answer questions and find creative solutions to problems.

Delivery method: We prefer to deliver our advisory and brainstorming sessions via an immersive environment but can also deliver them via conference call, Web conference, or in-person. Client receives a PowerPoint deck containing our presentation materials and our recommendations.

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