Strategic Advisory Service for Tech Marketers

This retainer service is designed for technology marketers. ThinkBalm analysts deliver a custom series of two-hour advisory sessions on topics like:

  • Product planning and strategy 
  • Competitive analysis and differentiation
  • ThinkBalm market overview
  • SWOT analysis against competitors
  • Customer and market requirements
  • Product branding and naming
  • Pricing and packaging
  • Feature and function prioritization
  • Training program for customers

Plus: unlimited quick-response brainstorming service

All ThinkBalm retainer clients receive the ThinkBalm quick-response brainstorming service for the life of the contract — unlimited short-notice, 30-minute interactions to answer questions and find creative solutions to problems.

Delivery method: We prefer to deliver our advisory and brainstorming sessions via an immersive environment but can also deliver them via conference call, Web conference, or in-person.

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