Immersive Internet

ThinkBalm defines the Immersive Internet as a collection of emerging technologies combined with a social culture that has roots in gaming and virtual worlds.


Think IMAX® movies, surround sound, and World of Warcraft® applied to the Web and business applications, and you’ve got the Immersive Internet. What we once called virtual worlds as a catch-all category now only describes one small piece of the picture. Other important elements are virtual campuses or 3D intranets, immersive learning environments and serious games, and 3D business applications. What these all have in common is that they deeply engage — even engross — the person who is using them. A combination of these technologies and an emerging culture with roots in gaming is opening up new dimensions in collaboration, engagement, and context. For more info, see the report “The Immersive Internet: Make Tactical Moves Today For Strategic Advantage Tomorrow.”

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