Immersive Internet Twitterers worth following

Last updated June 24, 2009

Twitter is an invaluable tool for enterprise Immersive Internet advocates, implementers, and explorers to share information and insights and learn about things others are working on. The ThinkBalm Innovation Community put its heads together and over a few-day period of time came up with an initial list of enterprise Immersive Internet Twitterers we follow. (We published V1 of the list in this Aug. 26, 2008 blog post.) All of the people on this list tweet about work-related use of immersive technologies. ThinkBalm principals Erica and Sam Driver are keeping the list up to date. Let us know if you have recommendations for people to add or remove (hey — people change jobs and interests, and therefore tweets) or you come across a link that no longer works. We’re at

People who issue valuable tweets about work-related use of immersive tech

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