Speaker lineup set for ThinkBalm Innovation Community professional networking event

by Erica Driver and Sam Driver.

We are pleased to announce the speaker lineup for the first-ever ThinkBalm Innovation Community professional networking event, scheduled for August 4th. We are near capacity for registration for this event, so please let us know immediately if you plan to attend. This professional networking event is designed for people who are passionate about work-related use of the Immersive Internet and are looking for work, looking for someone to fill a position, or simply curious about their options. 

Map of location

Speaker lineup

Logistics info

  • When: Tuesday, Aug. 4th from 11AM-2PM EDT / 8-11AM PDT (which is the same as Second Life time, or SLT). Here is a link to the Time Zone Converter Web site, should you need it.
  • Where: Amazon Developers island in the virtual world of Second Life (thanks to ThinkBalm Innovation Community member Jeff Barr)
  • Why: Make valuable professional connections, connect people with meaningful work, and gain experience using immersive technology 
  • How to RSVP: email us at rsvp@thinkbalm.com 

Event format

  • 17 five-minute presentations. We invited attendees who have something to share (e.g., their resume or a job description) to sign up in advance to deliver a 5-minute talk about the position or staff they are seeking. Each presenter has their own presentation station in the event area. The station has the presenter’s name on it with a link to their LinkedIn profile. Each presenter is permitted to use one image or 3D object in support of their presentation. Attendees will walk (or fly) as a group from one station to the next on a structured tour.
  • Speed networking. We will hold a speed networking session using a tool called Poinky’s Pods built by ThinkBalm Innovation Community member Jonas Karlsson. The tool seats participants with one other attendee for a five-minute exchange, after which all participants are shifted to another random seat. You never know who you’ll end up talking to! 
  • Document repository. We are using box.net, which is integrated with LinkedIn, as the repository for resumes, job descriptions, and images people will be using to support their presentation. We invited all registered participants for whom we have email addresses to access this box.net site.

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3 Responses

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  2. very nice flow! i love the speed networking concept and you show outstanding second life skills in clearly identifying the stations. very well done!

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