Drop in and visit during our 3D office hours

by Erica Driver and Sam Driver.

We are running a new experiment for the next couple of weeks. We will hold office hours in a variety of publicly-accessible immersive technologies. This is a great opportunity to learn more about ThinkBalm — meet the analysts and pick our brains about Immersive Internet trends and technologies, in an informal environment. We’d be happy to share with you findings from our research and update you on ThinkBalm Innovation Community activities. This is also an opportunity to gain some experience with immersive technologies you may not have used before, like Altadyn 3DXplorer, Nortel web.alive, ReactionGrid, and Second Life.

Stop by the virtual office

Office hours schedule

Sam or Erica Driver will be available in our virtual offices during the following times EDT. Here is a link to the Time Zone Converter Web site, should you need it. Please drop in!

  • Thursday, June 25th, 11AM-noon EDT in Altadyn 3DXplorer with Skype for voice
  • Monday, June 29th, 11AM-noon EDT in Nortel web.alive, using built-in voice
  • Thursday, July 2nd, 4-5PM EDT on ThinkBalm Island in Second Life — (Erica’s avatar name is Erica Burns and Sam’s is Samm Larkham), using built-in voice
  • Monday, July 6th, 10-11AM EDT on the ThinkBalm region on ReactionGrid, using built-in voice

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